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AMAS mission is to promote education and innovation among our Industrial Community, for which we have available specialized courses, internationally recognized and available for all of you.

The Industry faces challenges, however, we believe that this situation also presents great opportunities, it is essential that we promote a solid and sustainable development that could be able to materialize inside your companies. The training program that we have prepared for you contains theoretical and practice information, that we are sure will be valuable for you and your businesses.

Cash Flow Management in Crisis


Presented by: Ing. Alejandro Cuevas,
General Director México, Perform
September 9, 2020 | 9:00AM (Hora CDMX)


Strategies to generate cash flow.
Macroeconomic environment
5-step manual
Expansion of alternative markets
Business continuity in the medium and long term

Leadership and Strategic Thinking During Covid Period


Presented by: Nallely López,
Business Manager, Rh Services México
October 20, 2020 | 9:00AM (Hora CDMX)


New leadership during crisis
Importance of leadership training
Leadership panels and managing directors (new models of thinking)
Managing abilities
Strategic thinking, beneficial factors
Strategic objectives and evaluation

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