Shacman announced a new facility for Heavy Duty Trucks in Hidalgo

Chinese truck manufacturer Shacman, also known as the Shaanxi Automobile Group, recently announced a new manufacturing facility to be located in the state of Hidalgo.  According to the company’s general director of Mexico, Carlos Pardo, these trucks will be sold and exported to the USMC and Latin American markets.  Pardo states in a recent interview that Shacman will begin assembly operations in November 2020, with the initial annual capacity of 1,000 units and the goal of reaching 5,000 trucks per year, 5 years from now. 

There is not any reference to a connection between the two operations, but some people may remember that Carlos Slim and JAC (another Chinese truck and car manufacturer) also built a new factory in Hidalgo through a joint venture that was announced in late 2017.

To read a recently published article on this new FDI project click here…..


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