Tests and Trials for the Quality Assurance of Paintings


Coatings Purpose
Types of substrates and coatings.
Resistance of paints to physical and mechanical factors.
Resistance of paints to corrosive environments.
Resistance of paints to chemical agents.
Evaluation of physical properties and resistance to the environment (corrosion and aging).
Results, verification and approvals criteria.
Measurements and process adjustments based on test results.



Ing. Gerardo Pérez

Director Mexico, TesterLab

Gerardo Pérez, Chemical Engineer, his experience with the Surface Finishing Industry for more than 30 years, and for 18 years he has been driving tests for companies that finishing, coating and painting companies on various materials. He is currently the Director of TesterLab.

Testerlab located in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, started as a division of its subsidiary Industrias Químicas SEPMONT company, which manufactures and produces parts for metalworking and finishing industry; due laboratory services demand, ten years ago they decided to separate booth companies for independent operations.

Gerardo has a lot of experience on how to define mechanisms and sources of corrosion, vital for system failures identification and prevention, using different tools available for the several corrosion components, as trajectory and failure mode.


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