Introduction to Powder Coating Workshop

Guadalajara Expo Center
Av Mariano Otero 1499, Verde Valle, Guadalajara, 44550, Jal.

The main objective of this course is to build a foundation of basic knowledge of Powder Coating. This 1-day workshop begins by teaching how this paint is formulated and manufactured in order to understand the common types of powders and the best application for each. The instructor will take students through each step of the process from paint selection, parts cleaning and pretreatment options, powder coat application, the curing process, quality control, and troubleshooting of the common issues found in each step of the powder coating process.

The perspective of this workshop will include examples of how these basic concepts apply to both batch operations to high volume automatic paint lines. Students will also gain basic knowledge to assist them with equipment selection, system maintenance, and general concepts regarding shop management.

This introductory course is perfect for those who are new to the powder coating process including applicators, buyers, sales, and quality control. Students of this workshop should learn:

Course Objectives

  • Powder types and the correct selection and application of each.
  • Common process requirements and specifications.
  • Equipment types and applications of each including batch and automated processes.
  • Pretreatment selections, and proper application for each.
  • Understanding of types of ovens used for drying and curing.
  • Racking and production efficiency concepts.
  • Troubleshooting of common issues in powder application.
  • Preventative maintenance suggestions, and shop management best practices.

Instructor: Ary Marivani

Ary Marivani studied Business Administration at the University of Texas At El Paso. Soon after, he ventured out to start a small custom powder coating shop in El Paso. As the powder coating business progressed, he opened up to more areas and services such as: polishing, sandblasting, phosphate application & general fabrication. Some of the companies they became suppliers to include Raytheon, White Sands Missile Rage, Fort Bliss, USPS. As the business grew, there was more demand for the other specialty services in the area, a main one being automation & custom equipment manufacturing services.

With the increased experience & clientele portfolio, he ventured out to start an equipment manufacturing business – Eptex Coatings. This company specializes in manufacturing all types of equipment for the surface finishing & coatings industry. Several of the main industries the company caters to include: Powder Coating, Hydrographics, Spray On Chrome, & Other Specialty Coatings. The company has now also ventured out to manufacturing custom CNC tables for cutting & routing applications. Ary Marivani operates as a consultant for these industries & teaches courses for all of the processes mentioned above.

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