Introduction to Anodizing

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This course introduces you to practical and technical aspects of anodizing. At the same time, you can expect to expand your knowledge of the fundamentals of anodizing with sulfuric acid. The information you gain from this course is the latest knowledge, so you are assured that the data has been updated for 2020.

We shall go through troubleshooting of the various steps in the anodizing process, so you will gain a thorough overview of issues, and how to tackle them. The knowledge you gain from this course, can really help you with improving your daily operations with the anodizing line. Even if you are not working with anodizing right now, you may even acquire enough knowledge and inspiration to actually start your own anodizing business.

Anodizing is a very complex process, undertaken by highly specialized and experienced personnel. Sometimes however, technical personnel working with anodizing may not be working to exact procedures. Perhaps they are working from experience only, or they have never learned the actual reasons behind the many processes involved. This anodizing course will take you through the background and step-by-step processes, and help you deal with some of the challenges that come up quite often. This course is therefore important in allowing you to produce products of consistent quality for your customers

Course Objectives

  • To understand the science and engineering behind the anodizing process in sulfuric acid anodizing.
  • To provide knowledge about the aluminum material in regard to the anodizing process and how to handle it in the job shop.
  • To gain insight in the corrosion of aluminum and why anodizing is so important in this protection.
  • To be able to troubleshoot the various steps in the anodizing process.
  • To give the participants a confident and knowledgeable knowhow of the anodizing process.

Instructor: Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl

Anne Deacon Juhl is a Chemistry engineer and PhD from the Technical University of Denmark, where major studies were in Chemistry, light metals and surface treatment with main focus on anodizing and pulse anodizing of Aluminum. Since 1999 she started AluConsult, where her first assignment led to a three-year job, as the Quality and Development Manager in one of the leading anodizing companies in Denmark. In order to adhere to the mission of AluConsult, to be the best source of knowledge and partnership for the aluminum surface industry, Anne Deacon Juhl again turned full time in AluConsult on October 1, 2002.

The work since then has included exciting aluminum projects, participation in international networks and much work together with the companies in the aluminum industry – worldwide. Experience as consultant includes failure analysis of anodized aluminum, both Type I, II and III, manufacturing of aluminum, anodizing production line design and implementation, education and implementation of pulse anodizing, Quality Assurance (MIL and ISO), safety and environmental management, work and replacement of chromic acid anodizing. Workshops, courses and presentation throughout the world are also a core business to work towards AluConsult´s mission.

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