Intelligent Reuse of Water


Zero liquid discharge (ZDL) vs Practical Method of re-use / Recycling of Water.
Good reasons to consider recycling water.
Are you a candidate for recycling or reusing water?
Why is the segregation of waste essential?
Typical equipment used.
Suitable typical application.



Ing. Raúl Martínez Ayala

General Director Mexico, EauTek

Raúl Martínez Ayala, Industrial Engineer graduated from the Technological Institute of San Luis Potosí. He began his career as a Sales and Service Engineer in the area of manufacturing and development of chemical products since 1998. Since then, it continues to develop programs and services for water treatment in the Automotive, Aerospace and Surface Finishes industries.

Throughout his more than 20 years of experience, he has worked in leading water treatment companies worldwide such as Nalco Chemical Company, Chemtreat Inc., Industrial Specialty Chemicals Inc. and DMP Corporation. He has carried out projects from engineering to start-up at the national and international level for the optimal reuse of water in the industry.

He currently works for EAUTEK S.A. de C.V. where he works as Director.


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